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Craft Malt Pirate Radio. Broadcasting on a sweeter frequency. Originator of the  A podcast showing love for 

On our podcasts and our blog we will be focused on telling the stories of Craft Malt focused on these three key movements:

  1. The Heart- the people who make craft malt what it is
  2. The Harvest – barley and craft malt education/info
  3. The Heroes – The brewers who are using craft malt to make amazing beers

We are currently working on our opening episodes and interviews! We already have Heart interviews with Chris Schooley of Troubadour Maltings, Seth Klann of Mecca Grade and Todd of Root Shoot scheduled. If you want to talk to us about being one of our guests on a future show drop us a line


Craft Malt?

Craft Malt – A Revival of Local Ingredients and Traditional Methods

The drive behind craft malt comes from the desire to have local-to-regional agriculture supply local-to-regional brewers/distillers, and to do so in a transparent fashion. It is a natural extension of the local foods movement, and in many ways an evolution of the craft beer and distilled spirits movement itself.

Craft Malt defined as a finished malt product, produced from a variety of grains including but not limited to barley, wheat, rye, millet, oats, corn, spelt, and triticale. Craft Malt is in particular made using a majority (greater than 50% by weight) of locally grown grains as inputs, meaning grains grown within the region of the Craft Malthouse, are used to produce Craft Malt therewith. Craft Malt is made without the use of gibberellic acid (GA) or other chemical additives during processing.

A Craft Malthouse is defined as a business producing Craft Malt, with upper limitations of ten thousand metric tons and lower limitations of 5 metric tons of combined product sold per year. A Craft Malthouse must maintain proper legal standing with its country, state, and local governments including but not limited to: business registration and licensing, taxation, safety and other regulations pertaining to the production of grain, malt, and foodstuff, as appropriate. Malthouses are not considered Craft Malthouses if ownership by other non-Craft Malthouses exceeds 24%.

Read more about the Craft Malting Guild


Heart Profile: Double Eagle Craft Malting

  Double Eagle Malting A PA Craft Malthouse: What we stand for: Provenance: All grain is sourced from within 100 miles of our Philadelphia-area PA malthouse, and is identified by farmer, field and variety. We help brewers and distillers connect the consumer with the grower. Specialization: Want to make something off the beaten path? Double …

Heart Profile: Palouse Pint Craft Malt Cooperative

  LINC Foods is the company and is a farmer and worker owned cooperative founded in 2014. We started LINC Foods to help area small farms using sustainable growing practices gain a market which could help them become financially healthy. Palouse Pint is the malt brand representing our craft malting operation started under the LINC …

Heart Profile: Root Shoot Malting – CO Craft Malt

Root Shoot Malting, Loveland, CO Root Shoot is located on 1,500 acres of irrigated land in beautiful Loveland, Colorado. They are a family farm that harvests alfalfa, wheat, corn and barley. Emily and Todd are newish to craft malting but not to farming barley. Their family has been growing grans since 1926 and has deep connections …